Desiccant Masterbatch

We are involved in manufacturing, exporting and distributing Superchem Moisture Removing Powder in India.

SUPERCHEM powder is a reasonable grade surface treated powder for use as an effective desiccant. Superchem is coated with hydrocarbons which reduces pilferage,gives shine due to coating. Superchem is widely used for Plastic reprocess granules, Tarpaulins, Plastic lamination, Plastic Furniture moulding etc

We are using only a special fine grade chemicals with a particle size above 350mesh. Therefore by using Superchem you won’t have any filter choke up. The dosage level of Superchem depends on the moisture of the several compounds. Considering that active content of oxide we can say that 70 grams of Superchem are able to absorb 18 grams (= 1 mol) of water.


Plastic reprocess Granules and Aglomerates.
Plastic Tarpulin and Laminated Tarpulin
Plastic Carry Bag
Polyproplene Furniture and Crates


350mesh material with 4% plasticizer coating.
High moisture absorbency.
Shine to the finished product.
Improved productivity - Coating gives excellent flow to the material so reduce load and Increase overall production.
Greater shelf life stability
Improved health & safety - substantially reduced levels of air-borne dust
Less filter choke up,Minimizes production wastage.


Superchem is available in 1kg packets of 25 Kg HDPE bag.

Superchem® is supplied to over 15 states in India through network Carbo Group companies and specialist distributors.Looking out for Global Distributors.