Desiccant Masterbatch

Supershakti is India’s No1 Grade Moisture Powder.

Supershakti is highly coated Chemical which reduces pilferage,machine Load, Excellent shine and strength due to High Plasticizer coating.

Supershakti is widely used for Plastic Carry Bags, Liners, Tarpaulins, Plastic lamination, Plastic recycling, Plastic Furniture moulding. We are using only a special fine grade of oxide with a particular size in average of just 600mesh

Detailed importance in using SUPERSHAKTI powder:

 Excellent strength and Shine of the finished product.
 The end product is solid and does not have any porosity.
 9% Coating gives excellent flow to the material so Reduce machine load and Increase overall production.
 Improved surface finish of the plastic granules.
 Minimizes air block inside recycling dye/mould.
 Less filter choke up,Minimizes production wastage.
 Controls production related problems in worn out screw and barrel to an extent.


Plastic Tarpulin and Laminated Tarpulin
Plastic Carry Bag
Plastic recycling
Polyproplene Furniture and Crates
PP and Hips Sheets


Supershakti is available in 1kg packets of 25 Kg HDPE bag.

Supershakti ® is supplied to over 15 states in India through network Carbo Group companies and specialist distributors.Looking out for Global Distributors.