Desiccant Masterbatch

Injection mouldings count for a significant proportion of all plastics products from micro parts to large components such as car bumpers and Furniture. Virtually all sectors of manufacturing use injection moulded parts. The flexibility in size and shape possible through use of this process has consistently extended the boundaries of design in plastics and enabled significant replacement of traditional materials thanks to light weight and design freedom.

Desiccant Masterbatch

Recycled Granules used for injection moulding majorly have silver streaks issue.
Trapped air is a root cause of bubbles as well as blisters. Trapped gas may stem from flow front issues such as jetting, to equipment and production problems such as non-vented core pins, poor venting, too much decompression, or resin degradation. The air or gas may appear from water vapor, volatiles from the resin, or decomposing by-products.

(Damplast Gold)Desiccant masterbatch added in a dosage of 1%-3% gives excellent results in removing the silver streaks and increasing the strength of the Moulded Article due to added impact modifier in our Masterbatches.

Benifits in Using Damplast Gold:

• Improves surface finish in Moulded Article
• Eliminates Silver Streaks
• Eliminates porosity
• Removes gassing
• Removes poor strength

Major Application

Plastic Chair and crates:
Recycled PP is majory used to manufacture Chair and Crates.This is the biggest market for recycled moulding.

Recycled pp tends to cause Silver streaks and breakage due to moisture which creates a lot of rejection for the Manufacturing companies.Just with a small dosage of Desiccant additive from a trusted vendor like Carbo Industries is enough to improve the quality of the Product.

Our product don’t leave any white specs due to sufficient amount of Dispersing agents being added in the Mix.

Use: 1Kg packets should be used within 6hrs after opening the packing.

If you are using high speed mixer for mixing Damplast Gold (Desiccant MB) should be added at the last stage.

If using hopper dryer it should be added along with the polymer mix or best results can be attained if added directly in the hopper of the extruder along with the heated polymer.