Desiccant Masterbatch

Plastics such as HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE and other variety of resins are used to produce films.
Fish eyes, dot problems , gassing, poor strength, bubble puncture are raised by moisture in Plastic film will be solved through adding CarboDry Dessicant Masterbatch. It is widely used for recycling Carry Bag,Tarpulins,Mulch Filmsa and multilayer films.

It improves productivity,overall strength and reduces cost.

CarboDry Benifit

• Increases productivity
• Improves surface finish in films
• Eliminates fish eyes
• Removes unstable blown film bubble due to continuous leakage of air
• Eliminates porosity
• Removes gassing
• Removes poor strength

The major applications of Blown Film Recycling are:

Garbage Bags
Recycled Garbage Bags are prone to moisture. Carbo Desiccant masterbatch is added with recycled polymer at the last stage in mixer. It eliminates moisture in recycled and reclaimed polymers and enhances the mechanical properties of the products.

High filler loaded films
Calcium Based filler are amorphous in nature and tend to have moisture content in them which causes fish eyes or puncture in films at the time of extrusion blowing. Carbo Desiccant Masterbatch removes all the moisture present
in the fillers at the time of extrusion giving excellent shine and strength to the film.