Desiccant Masterbatch

DAMPLAST GOLD is high quality Desiccant masterbatch, Because of High dispersion polymers their is no problem of White specs on the Moulded Articles.
Specially designed for PP Moulded chair and Furniture Industry.

Product Characteristics

-Absorb 20% moisture equal to its own weight.
- Easily use normal equipment, no change of process technique.
- No harm, no irritant, good plasticization property, granule form, equal in size and shade.
Dosage : 1%-2%

Usage and Application ratio

Plastic Multilayer Carry Bag
Laminated tarpulin


Stored in ventilated, dry and cool place. Damage on packing is not permitted. After opening the packing, left master batch should be sealed immediately to keep dry. After mixing with material, we suggest using out within 12 hours.

if you have any requirement about this product we can send you samples accordingly.
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